Are you selling under your own brand? You've come to the right place! We have solutions for any of the following scenarios: 

Who is this right for? 

  1. You package and/or create your own beauty products using Shea Butter, Black Soap, and Body Oils.
  2. You want to purchase packaged and labeled but unbranded products for resale.
  3. You want to purchase Back2Africa products for resale with your own branding and labeling. 

These are your options: 

We have 3 options for purchasing private label (unbranded) products from Back2Africa:

  1. Use your own labels on any of our pre-packaged products.
  2. Purchase from our generic line which is labeled but without our branding.
  3. Buy ingredients in bulk and repackage using your own containers, or buy containers from Back2Africa. 

Here's how it works: 

Using your own labels on any of our packaged products:

To choose this option, place a wholesale order on our website and just leave a note with your order that you would like the items to ship without labels. 

*This option is available for nearly all of our products. The only exceptions are our Shea Butter tubes which cannot be shipped without any label at this time.

Once you receive your order, simply apply your own labels.

If you would like print specifications to use in creating your own labels, just let us know and we will send you the appropriate files that you can provide to your label designer .

Our Generic Line (Labeled but unbranded)

We created this line especially for resellers who want to purchase packaged and labeled products but without Back2Africa branding. You can purchase these products at wholesale prices right through our website.

To browse or purchase from our Generic Line, CLICK HERE.

Please note that our Generic Line is limited to creamy Shea Butter 

Creating Your Own Product Line

If you create and/or package your own beauty products, the process for purchasing the ingredients for your product line could not be simpler.

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