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I have been a customer of Back To Africa Imports for many years. The QUALITY of their shea butter is top-notched! For the most part, it is always fresh! I absolutely love their affordable and reasonable wholesale prices. They provide EXCELLENT customer service, and Joseph Setton (very nice man) is quick to respond to emails or calls to resolve issues or answer questions. If or when there is an order damaged in transit or they sent out the wrong products or the product didn’t meet the standards (not fresh), they quickly try to make it right and send out a replacement order, once I have provided pics, videos and/or detailed explanations of the problem.The replacement order has always come back PERFECT! Overall, so far, I have been very satisfied with their performance.

Djuna Watkins, J.D

August 20th,2023

Everything I’ve ordered so far has been amazing! I love this company and will continue business with them

Shavonne Strachan

August 10th,2023

Back to Africa Imports has excellent and outstanding customer service. Great products @ a great price.

Kalem Reid

June 30th,2023

I've dealt with this company for many years on various products. I've always been pleased and ship time is super quick. Their minimum order of 100. For wholesale is reasonable. Keep putting out great products. Thank you for years of great service.

Kris Vassilatos

June 26th,2023

Great fragrance Oils! Very satisfied with product and customer service. Staff is knowledgeable.

Bryan Bonilla

August 26th,2023

Back To Africa Imports has been my shea butter supplier since the beginning of my business journey (10 yrs plus). I love their shea butter and so does my customers! The Oil Lady!


August 23rd,2023

I ALWAYS buy my Yellow organic Shea butter from Back To Africa Imports because as a business owner I have to ensure that my products that I make are as I claim them to be...Natural & Organic, so purchasing from this company, my company can stay truthful to my customers. The quality of the shea butter is phenomenal! As long as they don't change I will remain a customer.

CW Haircare

June 1st,2023

Quality is outstanding. Fast delivery every time. Reliable. Your products have helped my business to thrive from Brooklyn to Detroit. Thank You.

Lisa Favors

June 6th,2023

Everything I have ordered has been great!! Always on time!! Love their oils!! Wish they would add more on their list!! Some oils may be thin but for the most all are great!! Never have any issues!! My customers love everything ❤️

Leslie Mcconnell

May 17th,2023

The only thing I can say is I don't like sharing something so good because I want to make sure it will always be here when I need it, but I know it's a business and it continues from its customers, so I say you will not regret the business here. Now I do wish for more sales or some deals on shipping. Great company fair prices

Marayah Y

May 16th,2023

My oils are always packed with care!

Lori K Booker

May 10th,2023

The quality of the shea butter is AMAZING!!! The consistency is always the same and it's works great in my mixes. The shipping is also fast and I think the prices are fair especially for the quality. I've made multiple orders over the past few years and have never been disappointed!!

Diana Phillips

April 25th,2023

I have never been disappointed by one of their products.

Asilla Eubanks

April 21th,2023

Found this place on the internet decided to get a few items just as a trial and I must admit I have been totally satisfied with the quality of the products and the customer service has been A1 from Day 1

Derrick Nelson

April 17th,2023

By far, the BEST face and body products out here in today's ecommerce market. I have been a loyal member for over five years and will continue to use this company until they stop me from buying..LOL. If you want to break out in the entrepreneur space with face and body products, BTA is the way to go!!!!!

AJ Williams

April 15th,2023

I have been using and selling African black soap for 16 years now and I love it and this company is great. 👍

Dawna Harty

March 28th ,2023

Amazing company to work with. Very professional. If anything goes wrong, they reach out asap. Will continue to do business with them!

Sequoia Williams

January 26th,2023

I love ordering from Back to Africa! Great, quality products. My order is always right and shipped fast. Back to Africa will always have my business!

Erica Smith

January 18th ,2023

I have no complains, delivery is fast, I’ve tried their shea and coca butter and they’re of really good quality, really worth the money

ItJust Sophie

January 16th ,2023

🔥 Can I speak on the quality!? I’ve tried other shea butters to incorporate into my butter mixes but the reason I trust this companies shea is because of their stellar perfumed oils I tried first! OUTSTANDING! That compelled me to try the shea and I’m so glad I did! This is a 100% trustworthy company with top knotch products and now they have become my 1 stop shop! 🔥

Tamara Hepburn

January 1st ,2023

I just love back to Africa imports my package got lost in route to me and they resent my order what out any question

Tina Andrews

December 1st ,2022

I wish I had known about them sooner they are the best they respond and deliver on time and the oils are amazing they are stuck with me

Vickie Carter

November 10, 2022

Found this place on the internet decided to get a few items just as a trial and I must admit I have been totally satisfied with the quality of the products and the customer service has been A1 from Day 1

Derrick Nelson

October 12, 2022

I love the product and I really like the fact that you respond quickly when there's a problem. Plus, I like that you've been providing ways to use Shea butter in other products.

Tishia Davidson

Shop Owner

October 5, 2022

There service is top knotch! They care what you think and aim to please. Looking forward to my next order. Shout out to Joseph! Love you guys!

Kim Acevedo

Shop Owner

September 9, 2022

My customers absolutely love all of the wonderful scents/oils that I get from back2africa. If I'm looking for something new they are always there for recommendations. The customer service is great and I feel appreciated. I will continue purchasing all of my product from them.

Troy Lockhart

Shop Owner

August 8, 2022

I buy all my Shea Butter from your company to make all my products! Its the Best Shea Butter out there!! I've been dealing with your company for a few years. You have my loyalty always! I too am a natural organic skin care formulator. If you sell African Black Liquid Soap by the gallon, I will purchase that also! Best Regards

Rachel Mummolo

Licensed Esthetician, FR, OR, Non-Invasive Facelift Expert

December 17, 2021

All that Back2Africa does is awesome! I have no complaints.

Storm K

November 16, 2021

I get s serious case of ezcema in the winter. I winteri got so bad there wasn't any soap or lotion that would help. Looking through the internet i found your website i purchase the black butter soap and shea butter in the plastic containers and it was the best thing i did. I was able to make through the winter without suffering. Well its just about time to order some more.

Luz Vasquez Coronel

October 07, 2019

This stuff is A-mazing! I am 57 years old and have had weak, brittle fingernails all my life. My cuticles were cracked and often bleeding. I have tried everything. Absolutely everything. Nothing ever worked until I found this miracle in a jar. For the first time, I have long, strong nails, and cuticles that are barely there. Read More Once or twice a day I work this into my hands and nails and that is all I have to do. You seriously need to market this to beauty salons and nail salons. I also use this as a body cream. I just emulsify it between my palms until it liquefies, and work it in all over. I love this product and wouldn't be without it. Thanks for bringing it to the American consumer.

Gayle Miller

July 26, 2019

I place an order for perfume oils from this company recently. The perfume oils smell soooo good. A little goes a long way. Their customer service is excellent and I definitely plan on ordering from them again. Marlett Reid

Marlett Reid

July 26, 2019

I always buy the Shea Aroma Butters & the Shea Natural Butters because my whole family & my customers loves the feel of them as well as the smell of them. Hopefully, soon I will be able to get to a point where I can buy them by the case because Read More that way I can distribute more and gain more customers. I love these types of shea butters, so keep adding more scents to the collection.

Charles Green

June 26, 2019

About B2A: My primary purchase from B2A is the Raw African Shea Butter (in the calabash and in bulk). B2A has always gone the extra mile looking for a calabash that is in pretty good shape for display at my booth. They have rushed through orders Read More when I sold out so I could have more RASB for my next show or event. Every year we see more and more return customers because RASB does what is claimed and our customers are finding more uses and are telling us how pleased they are that something works for their needs. The new website is fantastic and so much easier to use. To sum up my experiences with B2A: Easy to use website; customer oriented telephone customer service, speedy delivery of products, great products. Very reliable. Thank you B2A.

Kay Davidson

May 26, 2019

I recently ordered an 8 oz jar of the yellow shea butter. I was very happy in the time it shipped and arrived to my door! I will definately purchase again. Keep up the excellent customer service.

Faye Brown

April 13, 2019

EGYPTIAN AMBER: FRAGRANCE (PERFUME) BODY OIL is africa's best product. If you dont trust me then try it out by yourself. Then you will see the magic of it.

bikesh maharjan

March 03, 2019

So I placed my order yesterday for this product...and received it TODAY!!! WOW! I am so impressed with the shipping of this company! I ordered two 28oz jars for a price that was so much cheaper than my local natural food store. I will continue to order my shea from this company! God Bless

Kathi Dixon

March 01, 2019

The purchase that got me looking for more was from a small storefront in Prescott, Arizona while on a day trip with my Mom and Sister. My mother and I had shared an 8 oz container in less than a month and we both were extremely impressed with the results. Read More I was searching for something other than prescriptions to cope with eczema on my hands and feet while my Mom has that very thin "old lady" skin as she calls it. At first we were both skeptical as it "smelled funny" and seemed really greasy but we used it every day at least once to start. We compared the smell to walnuts the smell dissipates quickly and if you rub it in and let it set about 10 minutes it will feel more soft and moist than greasy. As time went on the little scratches on Mom's arms were healing and not in the normal month or so but in a week or less! Mom also noticed that the dark skin discolorations from age and medications are also fading and her overall skin condition is much better. Shea Butter even helped with the redness at her ankles due to diabetes, we also discovered that using Shea Butter on the face especially around the eyes seems to help with the "crows feet" and ironically I can tell where Mom stops rubbing in the Shea Butter on her legs just above the knees as the skin is more "weathered". The results for Mom are outstanding. I have since stopped seeing the dermatologist and apply Shea Butter to my hands at every opportunity least 4 times a day and my feet get a good coating before bed and after the shower just before putting on socks and shoes. My results are exceptional as well, I do still have issues but not nearly as bad and usually it's because I have not used enough Shea Butter. I have gotten compliments from my Rheumatologist who wants a sample and another doctor says both Mom and I look younger, he wants a sample also. The most recent test for my Shea Butter was sunburn treatment. I live in Arizona known for dry hot summers, I did not use sunscreen on another of our famous day trips and of course got sun burnt pretty bad. Normally I would use the aloe vera plant in my yard but didn't want to mess with peeling it and blending it so I reached for the Shea Butter, melted it in the palm of my hand and smeared it on my shoulders, arms and tops of my legs, the pain relief seemed instant and I did not peel. I have not tried Shea Butter as a sunscreen yet but I am sure I will at some point and I'm working on getting my massage therapist to try it as a massage oil. I may end up in advertantly selling Shea Butter.

Lauri Tims

June 19, 2018