Where can I buy shea butter at a wholesale price?

Have you heard about the soothing benefits of shea butter and you want try some for yourself? Shea butter has incredible healing properties for many dry skin situations. If you want a great price on shea butter, you should ask yourself this single question, “Where can I buy shea butter at a wholesale price?”. A wholesale price is considered cheaper than a retail price and you can buy them in bulk for your own store or just for yourself.

At Back to Africa, we have a great selection of creamy shea butter that is mixed in with an organic plant source, giving it that faded yellow look. We also have completely unrefined shea butter that you can purchase from us and sell yourself. Our unrefined shea butter comes in 5 lbs. to 55 lbs. and at the best price. Raw shea butter works just as well as the other variations and still has the properties that soothe eczema, rosacea, and minimizes the look of stretch marks.

As an alternative, we carry Shea Aroma brand Shea butter that has wonderful relaxing scents. These products come in the scents coco mango, lemongrass lime, sensual fruit, midnight amber, twilight jasmine, and pink sugar. These 100% Shea butter creams come in small jars providing easy usage and help smooth out the skin providing better elasticity.

If you’re looking for Shea butter labels or containers we also have these in stock for an extremely fair price. Contact us if you’re starting up a business and need affordable Shea butter products at the best quality.

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