5 Reasons Wholesale Shea Butter from Back2Africa is Better

Shea Butter is produced in western Africa using traditional methods. It’s an age old remedy for the skin and hair and has become very popular in hair and skin care products. Not all shea butter is the same.
Learn why shea butter from Back2Africa is your best choice for enjoying the full benefits of African Shea Butter..

Reason #5 Ours is Fresher .

There’s no doubt that using African Shea Butter is great for the skin and hair, but since shea butter is produced in Africa and shipped to the US it’s important that your shea butter is as fresh as possible. Due to the large volume to shea butter that Back2Africa sells you know that your shea butter is always fresh. .

Reason #4 Highest Quality.

Shea Butter comes from many sources and isn’t always handled the same way from source to wholesaler. Back2Africa uses the shea butter they import personally and in their branded shea butter products so the highest quality shea butter is always used! .

Reason #3 Filtered and Minimally Processed .

When shea butter is produced naturally using traditional methods there is often extra “stuff” in the shea butter that enters during the process. Back2Africa takes the extra step to filter their shea butter. Also, most shea butter used in cosmetics is highly processed which tends to remove the beneficial ingredients of shea butter. Back2Africa shea butter is minimally processed. .

Reason #2 Packed in Poly Bags .

Shea Butter lasts for a long time when it’s kept in a cool, dry place. Back2Africa takes the extra step to package their shea butter in polybags, where many shea butter providers keep their shea butter in gourds, called a calabash..

And Reason #1 Creamy and Easy to Apply.

If you have ever tried to use a hard shea butter then you will absolutely love the fact that Back2Africa shea butter is always soft and creamy. All you have to do is dip your fingers into the soft, easily spreadable shea butters and when you apply it to your skin and hair you will never want to order another product.

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