Soothing Scents with Wholesale Electric Oil Burners

Do you love relaxing after a long day and prefer to burn perfume oils to calm your senses? Wholesale electric oil burners make burning perfume oil an easy task. At Back to Africa, we sell beautifully crafted electric oil burners at affordable wholesale prices. Our burners are made out of fine delicate glass and come in a wide array of wonderful eye pleasing colors. These burners are also small, the largest being at 6 inches, so they don’t take up any space.
Not only do they surround your room with a pleasant aromatherapy experience, they make a great accent piece. If your home has earthy toned hues, an electric burner in the color orange or green will definitely fit right in. If you prefer something a little more festive, pink, purple, and blue add color to a neutral toned room. We also carry plug in oil burners, which are a great addition to your room’s décor.

To add a touch of ambience and class to your room, the electric oil burning night light will provide a soft glow and the pleasing scent of the oil of your choice. Affordable glass bowls for your perfume oils are also available and can match the color of your new electric burner. These beautifully sculpted mini electric burners provide not only the benefits of aromatherapy, but personality and style to your home. Contact us to learn more about our authentic products whether you’re buying them wholesale for your business and just a few for your personal needs.

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