Electric Oil Burners for a Healthy Living Environment

Burning oils dates back to a time when the civilized world was still young and many of the modern conveniences used today would have been viewed as far-fetched and unattainable.  Yet, even during an era of long ago the benefits of essential oils and aromatic fragrances were embraced.

Ancient Egyptians understood the healing value of pleasing scents being emitted from the perfumed oils that housed them.  They believed the diffusion of fragrant oils was not only a way to send a message of goodwill from those who wore the scent to those who were lucky enough to inhale the sweet aromas, but it was also a way to communicate with the gods.  They believed that as the aroma’s entered the upper above that their thoughts would also travel to the heavens to speak with the spirits who lived beyond the azure blue.

Today, Back to Africa, a leader in the authentic African wares market, still honors this ancient belief and tradition.  For years, they have embraced the belief that scents from perfumed oils have the power to alter one’s mood from a negative disposition to one that is on a positive spectrum. The ancient Egyptians used fire to send the fragrances from the essential oils skyward.  Today electrical backed burners are used to enhance the soothing aromas of perfume body oils.

Back to Africa offers an impressive line of wholesale plug-in electric oil burners. The electric oil burners are an elegant decorative addition for any room.  Offered in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, electric burners can be selected to blend in unobtrusively with a room’s decor or bold color can be selected to stand out as a focal point in a room.

Click here to see the array of electric oil burners offered at Back to Africa.  Back to Africa has a variety of wholesale electric oil burners that are available today.

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